About ACE by TSK

Who We Are and What We Can Do for You!

ACE by TSK is a full service marketing firm that specializes in the Community Association market and it’s connected service providers.  We work with service providers to get them “behind the gates” of properties and enable them to meet the needs of CAMS and residents in HOAs and condominiums.

We provide DBPR approved classes so that service providers can present to CAMs at live events scattered throughout southern Florida.  Classes are regularly planned for Pompano, Delray, North Palm Beach, as well as virtual online presentations. As events are added, they will appear under our Events tab in the menu.

ACE also provides this website, where our members can have an interactive welcome spot about their company, and be a part of a premier resource for CAMs, board members, property managers and homeowners. There are many features to this website which embrace the entire industry, which include:

  • commercials for our clients
  • sharing of our members’ articles and content on the website and on our social media channels
  • providing CAMS, Board Members and others information for RFPs (Request for Proposals) and other interactive information
  • promotion of events and activities submitted to us by our members
  • providing for B2B contact and networking
  • customized pages for our members
ACE also offers additional marketing services to help complement your organization’s existing marketing efforts. 

Webinars, Panel Discussions and more

The uncertain times we faced in 2020 have increased the frequency of online/distance webinars and meetings. And, regardless of what happens, this popular concept is not going away. We offer webinars not only for licensed CAMs, but also for community board members, and offered by our ACE members. This includes sessions that aren’t necessarily for credits and certifications! We will offer panel discussions and more, many of which will be determined by the input of board members, CAMs and Management companies. 

Course Preparation Services

If you are interested in obtaining and teaching a DBPR approved course, or you already have some and want additional courses, contact us, we’ve got you covered!

COME JOIN US!  You will be happy you tried this new approach to Community Association Marketing.

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