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Thursday, September 28, 2023
Live via Zoom 

Course: These Are Not Your Mothers Appliances
  • Course #: 9629365 | Provider #: 0007779 | Two CEUs in the OPP or Elective categories
  • Instructor: Fred Kaye (A-1 Appliance & Refrigeration Repair)


About this webinar: In the past your mother’s appliances were mechanical.  Now most of the appliances you buy today are built with computers.  Unfortunately,  it is really hard to get parts for many of the fancy high-end machines people buy thinking they are getting high quality fancy kitchen and laundry.  Come join us and find out why “These Are Not Your Mother’s Appliances”. Learn the best ways to preserve the machines in your community laundry rooms and have a good time while Fred answers all your questions about what to buy for the long run and what not to buy right now because things are always changing!