Florida Community Association Insurance Crisis | Is It Just Us?

Today (recorded April 13, 2023), we answer a question from a concerned couple in South Florida…concerned that their association insurance rates skyrocketed, and with little notice, in the middle of their budget year. They’re facing a large assessment after this 400+% insurance rate increase. The manager and board members are being called irresponsible by some…for […]

Tips on Hurricane Prep 2022

Infographic | Tips on Hurricane Preparedness 2022 Click on the graphic to view full size. To save it, right click and choose Save! Stay safe out there!

Citizens: What Your Community Should Know

Citizens: What Your Community Should Know Plastridge Insurance In this market we are finding ourselves discussing Citizens with our community association clients more frequently than ever before. Citizens is the market of last resort for property insurance in Florida and while it is a necessary program there are numerous items that need to be considered […]

Navigating Your Community Association Insurance Renewal

Navigating Your Community Association Insurance Renewal Plastridge Insurance As we enter a New Year the insurance market unfortunately remains very difficult as carriers continue to make meaningful coverage changes for community associations at renewal. Below are some tips that I hope will help your community navigate a challenging insurance renewal with confidence. -Budget Accordingly: At […]

Navigating the Challenging Insurance Market for Community Associations

The state of the Community Association insurance market is no longer a secret to Managers and Board Members. Please join us as we discuss what is driving the “hard market” as well as how you can efficiently navigate and better position your community going in to your renewal knowing that the market remains extremely challenging. […]